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Creating Brand Ambassadorship; Don’t Miss the Obvious!

I’m developing a great relationship with my friends over at MediaPost, I’ve really enjoyed the contribution process, and the editors there are really great people!

My second article came out in Video Insider last week, it’s titled: “Partnering with Your Employees: Creating Brand Ambassadorship Within Your Organization” and I think it’s worth the estimated 3-minute read. Here’s an excerpt to help you decide:

More often than not, a key to building better relationships with your audiences requires that you connect them to a real person who can serve as a sincere face for – a more humanized angle to — your brand identity . Here, empowering your own employees to promote your viral campaigns can lower your acquisition/marketing costs, create a tangible brand experience for your audiences, and boost morale within your organization.

 If you’re running viral campaigns (using video and/or social methods), you should read the article. Check it out.

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