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Targeted Advertising you might not hate!

I really can’t do this one justice, you’re going to have to visit the link on this one. According to mobiledia, PromoTel (one of the main companies behind ring-back tones) is pushing to replace all ring-back tones (the ring ring ring you hear when waiting to connect) with targeted advertisements and then allowing customers to make unlimited free calls. That sounds amazing to me, I will listen to some 10 second plug to talk to grandma for free. Unfortunately, I’m convinced that’s not what will be happening. I see a future where phone bills are exactly the same cost but can pay 4.99 a month not to hear the latest crappy offer. That’s much more likely then free phone plans, even if it does represent “close to 14 Billion Dollars” in revenue for the wireless industry. Sorry grandma, but I don’t think we’ll be having any 2 hour long free conversations.Note to PromoTel – If you’re in need of a beta tester for this Free unlimited calling thing, I’m your man!

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