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I have found a good site that I’m exploring called ChangeThis.

The main premise is that people crave good intelligent arguments about everything, since we rarely get it in the Media, conversations, or even the blogosphere. So the idea is people will come to the site and post their manifestos. It encourages smart discussion about various topics and relies on word of mouth to pass on the winners. The idea is great ones will inspire readers to pass them on and bad ones will sit stagnantly.

I think this is quite an interesting tool. While perusing the different topics, most revolve around business or politics, which suits me perfectly fine. I recognized Guy Kawasaki’s name from a recent post to the 800-CEO-READ blog talking about his new book “The art of the Start.” Turns out Guy is giving away a teaser of his new book on CT. This site not only is great idea, but allows much more effective marketing. It’s yet another venue to get your ideas out there by word of mouth. Even better for people like me, it forces you to be succinct and to clearly define what you’re trying to say. It should be mentioned that 800-CEO-READ runs CT.

Well I decided to see how this system works and I downloaded a few manifestos, one was Ira Williams take on humility in the American Spirit. I had a lot of good historical and spiritual references. One bitingly sarcastic quote from George W. Bush, and overall was an interesting short read. I firmly agree about how unfortunate that humility as become associated with weakness. While I don’t feel like I need to pass on this particular manifesto, I’ve downloaded a few more to read tonight, and I may blog about one of them tomorrow.

Go check out the site if you’re looking to express or read succinct, well-structured arguments.

UPDATE: my mom recommends How to Kill Your Children, hmmm I wonder if she’s sending me a message? Oh well, I’m out to get some Dr. Pepper.

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