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"I'm living in the future, so the present is my past" -Kayne West

BaRawk Out!!

My Birthday Party is this Saturday (the 18th of October) at MR and is in celebration of Barack Obama.

Come listen to music (Dave Lowensohn of Speechwriters LLC is playing live and we’ll be closing the evening with a listen to DJ Z-Trip’s pro-Obama mixtape) and party down.

The party will go from 7pm-11pm and Dave will play around 8. MR is at 650 Sacramento St. The event is free, but please donate to Barack!

Email with an questions.

Disclaimer: I’m writing this on my cell phone because the fabulous folks of agreed to plug the event for me. I will add event and donation links as soon as I get back to a computer!

Update: The event is on Facebook, and here’s a link to donate!

Johnny Cash

I recently saw the new trailer for The Shield, which is a TV show on FX that I really enjoy. It includes a bunch of clips set to Johnny Cash’s version of hurt. This song is amazing anyway you see it, but seeing this powerful visual medium use the song reminded me of a SPIN article I read recently.“It’s about the difference between a man at the beginning of his life and at the end of his life. In the video, that mortality is so visible, and the layers of regret are exponential. Johnny regretted the drugs and alcohol, that his life was shortened because of them. During filming, I said to him, ‘John, this is the last take in the dining room, so if you want to sweep the dishes off the table onto the floor or something, you can.’ So he poured out a glass of wine. When his family saw the video, they wept.” – Mark Romanek (Director)

The statement Cash is making there is incredibly powerful. I remember being blown away when I first read that. So as I listened to hurt I decided to find a link to the video and share this with all of you.

Johnny Cash was an amazing man, and while not a lot of people would guess I listen to his music, I find a lot of great material in what he has put out. If you haven’t heard his music, give it a listen, I almost guarantee you can find something you like in it.

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